Doctor Stephen Hill, a board-certified neurologist, is a nationally recognized expert with more than 15 years of experience. He dedicated his career life to scientific work in the sphere of odor mechanisms effecting biological responses in the body and thus contributing to a better overall health.

Dr. Hill conducted numerous researches and clinical trials on human olfactory system's capacity to influence human emotions and behavior through the experience of smell, taste, and sense. A lot of his studies have been published in various peer-reviewed medical journals.

In his line of work Dr. Hill found that patients suffering from loss of smell typically gained more weight than those having normal sense of smell. His hypothesis was that if reduced sense of smell could induce weight gain, then enhancing that sense will probably create an opposite reaction – weight loss. For years Dr. Hill and his team were looking for a substance to stimulate the sense of smell through the appetite control center in the brain. He was looking for a flavorless, odorless compound able to intensify the flavor of food and thus make people eat less without restricting their food intake deliberately.

After more than 25 years of research and having conducted and analyzed the results of more than 4 000 tests, Dr. Hill discovered a blend of scent combinations that boosts up the release of pituitary hormones (hormones produced by the hypophysis) that control hunger. This mechanism worked flawlessly for the purpose of reducing hunger and thus allowing a person to get full by eating portions a lot smaller than he/she would usually consume.

Dr. Hill patented his scientific breakthrough in the early '90s. Few years later a health care company acquired the patent license for his discovery.


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